ZSTU Admission 2018

I. Programs

1) Non-degree Programs

   1.1)  Chinese Language Program (Long-term): one semester or longer

   1.2)  Chinese Language Program for Group Students (Short-term):

Courses and duration of study can be arranged to meet specific demands of the group, with language

courses, lectures, in combination with after-class activities, field trips, and so on.

   1.3)  General/Senior Scholars (Long-term): one semester or longer

    Students may select some subjects in undergraduate, master and doctoral degree, and take the courses

    together with ZSTU Chinese students; or do the internship under the guidance of ZSTU professors.

   1.4)  Group General/Senior Scholars (Short-term):

Courses and duration of study can be arranged to meet specific demands of the group, with

specialized courses on undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels in combination with lectures,

field trips, etc.

2) Degree Programs

   2.1) Bachelor’s Degree (The standard duration of study is 4 years, but may vary between 3 and 6 years;  for Architecture, the standard duration of study is 5 years, but may vary between 4 and 7 years.

P.S. The programs marked with a “※” can be instructed in English. The program marked with a “∆” means over 1/3 courses are instructed in English.

School of International Education

1. Fashion Design and Engineering ※

2. Fashion Design

    Fashion Design (Fashion Design and Marketing) ∆

    School of Sciences

3. Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

4. Applied Physics

5. Applied Chemistry

6. Applied Psychology

7. Information and Computational Science

8. Materials Chemistry

9. New Energy Materials and Devices

    School of Materials and Textiles

10. Textile Engineering

Textile Engineering (Track: Textile Design) 

11. Material Science and Engineering

12. Light Chemistry Engineering

13. Non-woven Materials and Engineering

    Fashion School

14. Fashion Design and Engineering

15. Fashion Design

Fashion Design (Fashion Art Design)

Fashion Design (Dress Accessory Designing)

16. Acting

Acting (Fashion Show)

Acting (Personal Image Design)

17. Product Design (Textile Design)

    School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation 

18. Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation ※

19. Industrial Engineering

20. Automation

21. Measurement and Control Technology and Instrumentation

22. Processing Equipment and Control Engineering

23. Mechatronic Engineering

24. Electrical Engineering and Automation

25. Material Forming and Control Engineering

School of Informatics

26. Computer Science and Technology ※

27. Communications Engineering

28. Electronic Information and Engineering

29. Electronic Information Science and Technology

30. Digital Media and Technology

    School of Civil Engineering and Architecture 

31. Civil Engineering

32. Architecture

33. Project Management

34. Building Environment and Energy Engineering

35. Landscape Architecture

School of Life Science

36. Biotechnology ※

37. Bio-pharmacy

38. Marine Resources Development and Technology

    School of Art & Design 

39. Industrial Design

40. Animation

41. Fine Arts (Commercial illustration)

42. Digital Media Art

43. Visual Communication Design

44. Environmental Art Design

45. Product Design

46. Packaging Engineering

    School of Economics & Management

47. Economics

48. Human Resource Management

49. E-Business

50. Business Administration ※

51. Information Management and System

52. Marketing

53. Accounting

54. International Economics and Trade ※

55. Finance

56. Statistics

School of Law and Politics

57. Law

58. Social Work

59. Administrative Management

60. Public Management

School of Foreign Languages

61. Japanese   

62. English

Shi Liangcai School of Journalism and Communication

63. Chinese Language and Literature

64. Communication

2.2) Master’s Degree (The standard duration of study is 2.5 years, but may vary between 2 and 4.5 years)

P.S. The programs marked with a “※” can be instructed in English.

(I)Academic Degree

    School of Economics & Management

1. Regional Economics

2. Finance

3. Industrial Economics

4. International Trade ※

5. Ecological Economics

6. Legal Economics

7. Statistics

8. Management Science and Engineering

9. Corporate Management ※

School of Marxism

10. Principles of Marxism

11. Localization of Marxism in China

12. Ideological and Political Education

13. Fundamental Issues in Modern Chinese History

14. Marxist Jurisprudence

15. Marxist Social Management

School of Science

16. Applied Psychology

17. Fundamental Mathematics ※

18. Computational Mathematics ※

19. Applied Mathematics ※

20. Operational Research and Cybernetics ※

21. Inorganic Chemistry ※

22. Analytical Chemistry ※

23. Organic Chemistry ※

24. Physical Chemistry (including Chemical Physics) ※

25. Chemistry and Physics of Polymers ※

26. Applied Chemistry

School of Life Science

27. Botany ※

Botany (Track: Natural Medicine)

28. Microbiology ※

29. Cell Biology ※

30. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology ※

31. Bioinformatics ※

32. Biopharmaceutics ※

Biopharmaceutics (Track: Traditional Chinese Pharmacy)

33. Ecology

    School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation

34. Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation

35. Mechatronic Engineering

36. Mechanical Design and Theory

37. Vehicle Engineering

38. Precision Machinery and Control

39. Fluid Machinery ※

40. Control Theory and Control Engineering

41. Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment

42. Systems Engineering

43. Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems

44. Testing and Measurement Technology and Instrumentation

45. Fluid Machinery and Engineering ※

    School of Materials and Textiles 

46. Material Science ※

47. Materials Processing Engineering ※

48. Materials Physics and Chemistry ※

49. Materials for Civil Engineering

50. Nanometer Materials and Devices

51. Textile Engineering ※

52. Textile Material and Textile Design

53. Textile Chemistry and Dyeing and Finishing ※

54. Fashion Design and Engineering ※

55. Physical Chemistry for Textiles

56. Economics and Management for Textiles Industry

School of Informatics

57. Computer Systems Organization

58. Computer Software and Theory

59. Computer Applied Technology ※

60. Signal and Information Processing

61. Software Engineering

School of Art & Design

62. Artistic Theory

63. Fine Arts

64. Design Science

(2)Professional Degree

1. Master of Law (LL.M.)

2. Juris Master

3. Master of Applied Psychology

4. Master of Engineering(The field of Architecture and Civil Engineering)

5. Master of Fine Arts(The field of Artistic Design)

6. Business Administration (MBA) ※

2.3) Doctoral Degree (The standard duration of study is 3.5 years, but may vary between3 and 6 years)

P.S. The programs marked with a “※” can be instructed in English.

    School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation

1. Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation

2. Mechatronic Engineering

3. Mechanical Design and Theory

4. Vehicle Engineering

5. Precision Machinery and Control

6. Fluid Machinery ※

    School of Materials and Textiles

7. Textile Engineering ※

8. Textile Material and Textile Design

9. Textile Chemistry and Dyeing and Finishing Engineering ※

10. Fashion Design and Engineering

11. Physical Chemistry for Textiles

12. Textile Industrial Economics and Management

II. Language Requirements

1.       Students of Chinese Language Program: no language requirement

2.       Students of Degree Programs (Chinese medium): New HSK 4 with the score of 180 or above (Students without HSK certificate can be placed on probation);

3.       Students of General/Senior Scholars (Chinese medium): no communication difficulty in Chinese medium

4.       Students of Degree Programs (English medium) (at least meets one of the following equivalents):

a)       Mother language is English

b)      Official language is English

c)       Graduate from high schools or universities in English-medium;

d)      TOEFL: 61 (IBT), 500 (PBT) or above

e)       IELTS: 5.5 or above

5.       Students of General/Senior Scholars (English medium): no communication difficulty in English medium

III. Application Documents

1.       ZSTU International Students Application Form (Applicants have to log on the Online Application System http://apply.zstu.edu.cn/Index_en.aspx to fill the information online and print the form)

2.       A photocopy of your passport information page with personal signature

3.       A photocopy of your valid Visa or Residence Permit if you are already in China

4.       Copy of your Highest Diploma and Transcripts (Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with translations in Chinese or English)

5.       Foreigner Physical Examination Report (the report is valid for 6 months, the form can be downloaded at http://admission.zstu.edu.cn/en/Downloads.aspx)

6.       Applicants under the age of 18 should submit the legal documents of their legal guardians in China. The documents should be notarized by the Chinese Embassy in the applicant’s country

7.       Study certificate with class attendance record and transcripts given by your host university if you are studying at another university in China

8.       Copy of Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) or English Proficiency Certificates (if applicable)

9.       Five Photos (white background, 35mm×45mm in size, can be submitted while registration)

10.   Other Materials Upon Request

IV. Tuition and Fees (RMB yuan)

1.     Application & registration Fee: 300

2.     Tuition:

2.1 Chinese Language Program:

     Long-term: 7000/semester; 14000/academic year

     Short-term: 610/week

2.2 Bachelor’s Degree Candidate & General Scholar:

    15000/academic year (Liberal Arts)

    18000/academic year (Sci., Eng.)

    22000/academic year (Art)

2.3 Master’s Degree Candidate & Senior Scholar: 25000/academic year

2.4 Doctor’s Degree Candidate & Senior Scholar: 30000/academic year

3.  on-campus Accommodation: (Accommodation is required to be paid per semester or per year. Each room is equipped with bathroom, furniture, beddings, A/C, fridge,  ADSL, etc, and each floor is equipped with a public kitchen and a public laundry)

Room Deposit: 400/person (It will be refunded if all equipment is in good condition when students check out.)

Twin-bedded Room:  450/person﹒month (excluding electricity bills)

4.  Fees for insurance: 

    4.1 Long-term Self-supporting Students: RMB 800/person·academic year, covered by the university.

    4.2 Short-term、Non self-supporting Students: Charged according to the actual cost.

    (Insurance coverage: Death Insurance, Accidental Disability Insurance, Medical Insurance for Accidental Injuries, Hospitalization Insurance for Accidental Injuries. The Insurance coverage is subject to final explanation of the Insurance Company)

5.  Other fees (e.g. Fees for study materials, residence permit application): Charged according to the actual cost

V. About Application

1.          Application Deadline:

Fall semester :  June 15     Spring Semester: December 31 (None-Degree only)

2.         How to Apply:

   2.1 Send the hard copies of application documents to: International Students Office, Zhejiang Sci-Tech 

      University, Xiasha Higher Education Zone, Hangzhou, P. R. China, 310018


   2.2 Send the application documents via email to admission@zstu.edu.cn, admission2@zstu.edu.cn


VII. Contacts

International Students Office, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

Add: International Students Office, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

928 Second Avenue, Xiasha Higher Education Zone, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, P. R. China,310018

Tel: 0086-571-86843679、86843928

Fax: 0086-571-86843079

E-mail: admission@zstu.edu.cn, admission2@zstu.edu.cn

Website: http://www.zstu.edu.cn/                             WeChat number: ZSTU-ISO